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New website

Finally a new website with a brand new design.

As some of you must have noticed by now, my website for the big trip was down. Unfortunately some virus forced me to delete the whole page. But do not worry as the old page has been saved to old and reliable paper.

Descending from the Seealpsee, 2019
Chill’n in Bali, 2019

And even better this disaster gave me the opportunity to overhaul the entire design. As this site will grow more and more features of the new wordpress version will be incorporated. So you can look forward to fancy galleries, interactive maps and, maybe, even a extended comments section.

In the coming months I will put up some posts about recent trips. Especially Marokko in early 2020, which we enjoyed just before Covid-19 (Corona) hit hard. Hopefully the restrictions on traveling internationally will be liftet in foreseeable time and more exotic destinations will be available.
Until that happens me and my wife will explore Switzerland.